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The new cars in Texas all have paper license expiration dates. I have watched them my whole mission as the months counted down. I finally found one that expires the same day I do :)
​Yep I am officially 18 months old. I am sad that the transfer takes me past the mark so I miss Thanksgiving, but honestly I am also so grateful to spend this time with the members and people here in the mission. We have a plan for dinner but we have no idea what else we are going to do to fill the day. Hopefully people will be merciful and let us in even for a few minutes. 

This week went by so fast I am not even sure what happened. It got cold, like ice on our windshield cold this morning! And our heater in the apartment sets off the fire alarm as soon as we flip it on, so we have to figure that out. The apartment is at 70 right now but they need to get on it before winter really sets in. 

This week has involved a lot of family history which is the best. That seems to be a focus for me in this area. I love that I can use and improve my skills with family history here. It is just so much fun for me to do, especially when I am helping someone else with their tree. I worked with the L family a couple days this week. Together we found about 50 ordinances that need to be done. We didn't even take an hour and there was that much fruit! I am so excited for them to have a chance to do those names. They were having so much fun, too. I think that is the best part about the work...not you having joy but seeing other people have joy. Yep. That's it. The youth went to the temple  on Saturday and were able to take the baptisms we found. I even found a few names for Dad to do. I seem to always find men! 

This week I have just fallen in love with the members. I mean I already adore them but for some reason this week made me not want to leave them. I feel like I just got the ball rolling and now I am going home. I guess that is what happens when you are only in an area for 2 transfers. 

One funny thing that happened this week was the night we went to heart attack a less active. We got all the hearts on us and taped and ready to go. We were parked right outside their home, get out and take two steps out the door...then the door opens and the husband comes out with a flashlight! We go back to the car (a miracle he didn't see us!) and wait till he goes back inside. It takes him a few minutes and then with all the porch lights still on we cover the door. We were trying so hard not to laugh. Seriously we have had some awkward moments as a trio. For some reason we are blessed with the awesome timing of people getting home as we are standing on their front step or they pull out to leave as we get out of the car. Just some awesome things that we can't help but laugh about. 
On Thursday   we did a service project with the women in the ward. We tied lap blankets for the elderly at one of the local nursing homes. We had a blast just sitting and talking with the Sisters. We made 50 in about 2 hours which I was very impressed with. This ward is just fun. I don't know how else to describe it. They are open and love to talk and tell stories. I guess it is just the small town feel. 

We went to do visits at a nursing home this week. There is a less active woman that lives there. While looking for her all the other old ladies stopped to  talk to us. Olivia became our tour guide. I love nursing homes. It brought back the memories of doing visits and caroling there as a youth. 

This week has made me sad to leave right before Christmas. I forgot how much fun and joy you have during this time of year. People want to talk about Christ and the Spirit is just every where around you. I am excited, though, that I get to come home and spend it with y'all :) It is hard when your heart is stuck in two places.   Seriously, though. I am going to miss Texas. As I have spent time looking back this week I couldn't even wrap my head around the things I have learned and the people I have met and come to love. This has been the hardest but most fulfilling time of my life. It is terribly hard but there is so much joy that you can easily forget the pain. I don't know how I am going to leave...it honestly doesn't feel like I ever will. It sneaks up on you. 

I testify that this is the Lord's work. His hand is in it every moment of the day. He is preparing the way and fixing the holes we leave behind. It is perfect. As we trust in Him each of us can play a role in helping people come unto Christ. We are a fallen people but He loves us and sees our potential. He is patient and caring. He knows us individually and will guide us if we will just listen. I know that I am redeemed because I have felt the power of the Atonement every single day I have been out here. He is giving us strength and ability beyond our own. I would have been home months ago if He was not right by my side.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and it has been an honor to represent him here in the Texas Houston South Mission. 

I want to thank each of you for writing me, praying for me and supporting me. I have been so blessed by each of your examples and your faith. Thank you for fulfilling your callings and roles in and out of the home. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I am excited to tell you all about it when I get home. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and your last Kalle-free week ;) 
I love you and I will see you next week!

Sister Greaves 
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The funny thing about the sign for Christ's Kitchen is no body know where it came from. One morning it was just outside on the building. Every so often it gets touch ups but no one can seem to catch the artist.
Well another week has come and gone here in the Great Texas Houston South. This week went by so fast that I was a little afraid to start another. Before we know it I will be on the plane back to California! :) 

We had a miracle happen last Monday night. A moment of great joy! We rode over to try and contact D and C (the family we fell in love with!). Not only was everyone home but they invited us in. That is one perk of mosquitoes.  No one wants to stand on the porch with them so they let us inside! As we took a few minutes with them the Spirit came in immediately. D opened up to us that he wants to grow closer to God like he once was. He feels the lack in his family life and wants them to be closer. We bore testimony of how the Gospel blesses families and they were hooked. It was just an inspired conversation. For the first time in a month they set a return appointment. We said a prayer and left. We were on a spiritual high. In 15 short minutes we learned the concerns of this family and we bonded. It was the best. The return appointment was  Thursday   and it didn't go as well as planned. The mom forgot and the dad had to take the son to work. But we still sat with C for a bit and she continued to open up to us. At the very end as she was talking she began to cry. It was a plea for help that each of us felt. We love that family so much and I wish I could stay longer to help them be converted to this wonderful Gospel. But it is not in God's plan for me. I was just to find them and let them go. 

On Tuesday I got to sit with an older less active and help her to do her family history. We worked for 3 hours and we got so much done. I wish you could have seen her face light up as we found names and dates and documents for the family she really doesn't know much about. As we found names stories about her grandparents came flooding back. She was so happy and she said she was going to call her sister right after we left so she could tell her everything we found. I am so grateful for my calling on my temple and family history committee at BYU! It has blessed me so much out here. 

That night during dinner we made a Haunted House (like a gingerbread house but for Halloween.) It was on sale at Walmart and we needed something fun in our lives. We had a blast. Then we gave it to an investigator on her birthday as a joke. But we went over a speed bump and the first floor collapsed. It was so sad. Pictures to follow. 

Wednesday  and  Thursday   we were back at Christ's Kitchen. I don't know what was in the air but everyone was ornery! Yelling and cursing at one another. Happy Veteran's Day to you too. It was so cute because one of the old lady volunteers said " Remember where you are!" You tell 'em Grandma. People really do have a respect for that place. For many of them it is a safe haven.
I have felt really prompted this week that I need to share the Gospel with the workers there. I only have 3 more days to serve there so we are making a plan of how we are going to invite them to hear a lesson. I love these people so it is only right that I share with them what I am called to do. Plus many of them have confided in us lately. Coming to us to talk about their lives and asking for advice. They are all at least 45+...coming to 19 and 21 year old girls. They must feel something different about us. 

On Friday   we had our Zone Conference. It was really good. I felt the Spirit telling me stuff the whole day. I am grateful because it allowed me to make new goals and plans to stay busy my last 2 weeks. Plus we got the info for the new Christmas Initiative "A Savior is Born." Man, I wish I wasn't leaving the day it launches. Those videos, well Christmas in general, opens so many doors for missionary work. You can bet I am giving out those cards in the airport. haha! 

We spent a lot of our week with members. We are making that a focus here because finding people on our own just isn't working. We know the best way to the people is through the members :)
They really make a huge difference. 

Well I am off :) Can you believe y'all only get one more email from me! ?
I am excited to spend the holidays with y'all at home :) But till then Victoria needs me! 
I love you!

Sister Greaves 
Look at that apple! I was cleaning the apples for lunch and came across this beauty! It was perfectly split like that around the whole thing.
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We saw that on a T-shirt this week and it has become our slogan. I thought y'all would get a kick out of it too. 

This week we had another good lesson with M! We talked about the 10 commandments and how we can gain those blessings from obedience. She opened up a ton and asked really good questions. We were blessed with another Spirit filled lesson and we were so excited to keep going on. Until last night :/ We got a text from Sister V saying that she no longer wanted to take the lessons and had no interest in learning about the church. We were heartbroken! There is no way based on those lessons that she would turn away. She talked about not wanting to lose that "feeling" and wanted to do what she could. So we are thinking her family stepped in a turned her away. We are praying that we will be able to get her back on track this week. She doesn't live far from our place so we are going to try and see her on our own. 

Most of our proselyting time was spent walking the neighborhoods again. It seems like it was a week where all of our investigators dropped. But at the same time I feel like we talked to so many people. I don't know how that works! It is so nice to see people soften as you OYM them. For example there was this lady working in her yard so we walked up to offer some help. She was a bit cold and didn't want a long conversation. As we asked a few questions she opened up about her family and her church home. She then said that she has been trying to get to know more about other religions and was curious how the Mormons got started. So we gave her a Restoration pamphlet and told her that it would answer her question. It was so neat how the whole situation turned around. We even got to say a prayer with her! Then it got even better! As we kept walking a car drove by and stopped to look at a house that was for sale. It was M! We had been trying to get a hold of her for weeks now. She literally just fell into our path. If we had given up and written the first woman as a loss we wouldn't have made contact with our investigator. There are countless experiences like that everyday! God's timing is perfect :) 

On Wednesday   we served in Christ's kitchen and our favorite Coach came in to eat. After we asked if we could have a lesson with him and he said sure. But instead of us teaching him about the Gospel as planned he tried to teach us how to box. Oh man. We couldn't get him to stop. We literally had to just get in our car to get him to be quiet. So things with Coach T probably aren't going to work out as planned. But we hope he keeps coming to church! He did call us later that night and went off for about 20 minutes about his plan to run for President. His rants are hilarious. 

On Thursday   we were at Christ's Kitchen again because they are low on volunteers that day. Man were we needed. The staff that day doesn't interact with the people at all. There was NO Spirit there at all. So we started talking to everyone. These people are already at a very low point they need any happiness they can get. Leave it up to the Mormon girls :) We felt so blessed to have that experience to lift those people's spirits! 

We also spent a lot of time with members this week. We are trying to fill our dark evening time. I forgot how much harder the work becomes when the sun goes down at  6 PM. Nothing major to report other then the fact that I got to hold two snakes at one time. It was awesome. Also, I just love members. Their stories are hilarious. One member told us about how they met and got engaged. It was probably one of the best I have heard out here. But it just goes to show how Heavenly Father makes it all work out in the end. This guy got confirmation he was supposed to marry this girl while she was dating another guy. He trusted it and went for it. He totally got the girl and he is very well pleased! 
Goodness life is just so fun to hear about! 

Then  on Sunday we participated in the Broadcast that I am pretty sure you watched, too, which is cool. I had no clue that Sister Reeves was President Reeves' wife. Shows how much I paid attention to mission presidents before my mission. Let me know what y'all thought about the broadcast! 

I guess that about sums it up. 
I am officially half way through my last transfer. It is hard to believe. I am trying to keep focused and working hard. 
Let me know if there is anything on your Texas Bucket list that I can try to accomplish in my last few weeks here. 
I love y'all so much and I am getting excited to see guys  SO soon :) 
Have a great week!

Sister Greaves 
Brother M got all dressed up to back us out in the rain. What a good man!
Adam and Eve the snakes....clever right ;)
This cat was hanging out in the laundry room today. He was our buddy!
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Not really but it was a lot! And it was super fun. 

This week was really eventful! On Monday we were invited to have FHE with the V family. They are super awesome! There son has been dating a girl for 4 years and they decided it was time she hear the gospel. So we sat down and talked about the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was so strong and she felt it. At the end of the lesson she said " How do I not forget this when I go home?"
Oh she is so prepared. She is just really quiet but she is starting to come out of her shell. She can to all 3 hours of church yesterday! We will be seeing them all again tonight.! 

On Tuesday we had institute. I don't know what it is but I receive so much revelation in that class. This week we were discussing the resurrection and it's importance in the plan of Salvation. I am going to give it my best shot to explain what I learned. We know that resurrection is a free gift from our Heavenly Father because of the Atonement. It clicked to me that it had to be free because all of us need a perfected body to be exalted. If some people were not qualified for that from the get go there would no need to repent for our spiritual death. We have chance after chance to repent until we are resurrected. The only thing standing in our way of exaltation is ourselves. 
Ok that doesn't even do it justice. Dang I am so bad with words! 

Wednesday we served lunch at Christ's Kitchen. If you need some love just walk through those doors. They have been struggle with help lately and they are always so gracious when we come. We love those people and we love serving with them. Plus we get to talk to like 200 people as they all come through the line. We are probably going to start going on Thursdays too. The rest of the day we were so blessed with many people to talk to. And those people all gave us referrals. It was the best! We had dinner with the G's and he served his mission in Argentina. Richard G Scott was his mission president and then D. Todd was his assistant. How cool is that?! He had the best mission stories and is a master genealogist. I have so much I want to learn from him!

Thursday   we went back to serve at the Victoria Gardens. We had to take the tour again for Sister C to see. Best thing this time around was all the caterpillars in the butterfly haven are now all butterflies! So we got to hang out with them a bit. We got to try all the fruit and herbs. It was so fun. I have never had much of a green thumb but I am grateful for other people that do. 

Friday we had a multi zone Conference in Sugar Land. Elder Corbridge from the Seventy was our speaker. We got some great council about teaching with power and what effect that has on the people we teach. We were blessed to have him come teach us. It was good and all but the highlight of the day was the ward Halloween party. It was filled with dancing and games and really amazing costumes. It was so hard to not dance. Like really hard. So all the missionaries did the limbo contest instead haha. The elders were pretty darn good. But I beat them :) Then we had our trunk or treat. We decorated our bike rack with ghosts. It was pretty legit. It was so much fun. I love seeing the ward in a more natural setting. Seeing all the adults have fun. The Spirit was just Happy! I feel that it is important for a ward to meet and use those nights to unite themselves. Our bishop and his wife dress up from Frozen and sang to us. That was the icing on the cake. I will try to attach the video! 

On Halloween we had a good time proselyting with the time that we did have. Mostly just talking with random people but we still taught 6 lessons which is a miracle for a holiday. We had to be in at 7 and you can bet I was asleep by 8:15. It was awesome. Factor in that extra hour we got with the time change and I was one happy camper. It felt so good to sleep. I needed it. 

Sunday we had 3 investigators at church which was awesome. One of them being Coach T. The best thing about small towns is that you run into people you know if you have lived there long enough. Coach knew 2 members right off that bat. It was awesome. 

I guess that about wraps it up.
I am ponderizing Philippians 4:6 
Glad y'all are doing well and I will talk to you next week :) 

Love you! 
Sister Greaves 
<![CDATA["We'll harvest this field from sunrise to sunset"]]>Tue, 27 Oct 2015 03:10:19 GMThttp://kalletakeshouston.weebly.com/blog/well-harvest-this-field-from-sunrise-to-sunsetHey Y'all :) 
I am running short on time this week. We have a lesson right in the middle of our day and then we are going to go celebrate someone's birthday with them. On top of that the Elders were late to start emailing so... this is going to be fast. 

This week all the talk was Hurricane Patricia. We did get rain all day on Saturday and cold winds on Sunday but nothing too bad. We did drop into the low 60's so it was a good taste of fall. We were blessed that nothing too bad happened. We were able to carry on our work as normal. 

We started biking to the church every morning for exercise time. It is fun what you can do in a gym with 3 people. We just have to be quiet because there is seminary going on. 

We helped at Christ's Kitchen again and we took a few minutes to talk to the other pastors and people that help out. None of them have ever talked to the missionaries before about what we do and they really had no idea what our "job" entailed. They thought it was so cool that they finally were able to figure out what we are all about.  

We were blessed in our finding efforts this week as well. We did all that we could. Oyming, knocking, trying formers. We found quite a few new potentials and we are starting to teach most of them. The first is this cute 25 year old named J. She is an engineer at DOW chemical. She has sickle cell but is super healthy. She gives all the credit to God for keeping her well enough to graduate college and work and all that good stuff. We met her trying to get a hold of someone else but God had other plans. We see a lot of potential in her and she is asking all the right questions. I just wish there were more single people her age around. 

My goodness I don't even know. It was such a good week but it was mostly the fun of the work. Plus just good times with the companions. Oh my goodness one funny moment came while at Christ's Kitchen. A few days prior we met a guy named Coach T. He is a boxing coach. He used to be married to a member so he used to come to church. We committed him to come on Sunday but he didn't show. But guess who just happened to come in on Wednesday. Coach. He comes through the line and
 I said "Well Hello! We missed you on Sunday"

T: "I didn't know I missed you till I saw you right now"
G: "Funny how God works"
T" I am going to level all 3 of you" 

Oh we were dying. It was just so quick and man. We just have a lot of good one liners. Oh another one happened as we were talking to a 5 year old about how much God loves him. We asked what God likes about him and his response was..." He likes my balls (5 second pause) ..of my eyes" His mom definitely gave a sigh of relief.  Oh man we were doing all we could to not bust out laughing. 
It's the little things of that week that just start adding up. 

Glad that y'all got my flight plans. That will make it easier to make an appointment with the stake president now that you know when I am landing. I am registering for classes on Friday and I am just hoping and praying it will fall into place. 

I hope y'all are doing well! I love you! 

Sister Greaves ]]>
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We found out this morning that we are all staying in Victoria. So these lovely Sisters will have the honor of killing me. I am grateful to be able to end my service with them. I love them dearly! 

This week was just so much fun! Our week began with our trek up to Sugar Land on Monday night. We stayed with the S Family. It was so much fun because when we got there we had a game night until it was time to go to bed. We played Wackee 6. We need to play this when I get home. It is a really fast paced card game that you can play with up to 6 people...so thank you Kyle for making us 7. Just kidding. Sorry I pick on you so much. I don't even know you :)  Anyways it was so nice of them to let us be part of their family for the night. 

We had a  6am  session at the temple so it was an early morning. The session was great and I was able to finish the work for Mary Badgett. I know she is on Mom's side but I am not exactly sure who she is. But it was nice to take her through the Endowment. After the session we weren't able to have a study. Salt Lake pulled the plug on those unfortunately. At least I was blessed with 2 in the past. We went outside and took lots of pictures with the zones and districts. It was a fun day and of course it is always a treat to go to the temple.

We also got to go to a pumpkin patch with our investigator M and her son J. It was a last minute thing but it was so great. We just walked around and took some pictures. It is starting to feel a little like fall here. The humidity is mostly gone for now but the temps are mostly still in the 90s. But I can't complain, this is the best time of year in Texas. 

We got to do service at a local soup kitchen called Christ's Kitchen. It is called that because different denominations run it everyday of the week. The Mormons have Wednesday :) It is completely service run which is so neat. They provide lunch every day of the week! We served with the Elders and a member of the ward. We just do food serving and then we get to eat with them as well. The people are so kind! I felt the Spirit so strongly just being there among them all. People are very gracious and I just love it. We also were back at Sister M's house 2 mornings this week. Her home looks so different it is incredible. I love when you get to see a project all the way through. All her rooms are neat and clean and most everything is all packed up and getting ready to go. 

Other than service we have been hitting the streets trying to share the Good News. We got a few good potentials this week and this area is starting to look up. We made it a goal to baptize someone before I leave and our trio is disbanded. While trying to talk to everyone we started walking in a neighborhood. We came across this guy who cut his lawn in an awesome design...so we went to the door to compliment him on it. Turned out they were Buddhist but they let us pray with them. The next house happened to be the owner of a the long time Victoria favorite Coral restaurant. Super cool. You just never know who you are going to meet out here. These girls are so awesome and willing to work. We know how to make the work fun!  They wont let me get trunkie at all :)  The only trunkie talk we have had all week was when we were helping a woman put together her 50th wedding anniversary party invites. It was only appropriate to talk about weddings ;) 

Trying to make the best with the time that is left. It doesn't feel like I am on my last transfer. Before we know it I will be back! 
This week I am ponderizing Hebrews  4:16. What about y'all?

I love you :) 

Sister Greaves 
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Street Contacting Selfies :)
We got the best surprise this week! 
Meet Sister Carter from Nauvoo! She is 19 and from Elkridge Utah. 
She is on her outbound here in Texas. 
We found out that the Sisters leave Nauvoo in the slow winter months and go to another mission for 6 months. President called  on Tuesday   and told us that we were going to pick her up the next day. I just adore her. She radiates with the Spirit! Of course she has been walking on sacred Holy ground for the past 6 months. I hope she will stay with us until I go home. I love her and she is teaching me so much! A serious answer to prayer for me and for this area.  I cannot even put into words how much I love her already. 

That was probably the biggest thing that happened this week. I don't know what could possible top that. With her we have been trying new finding efforts and they have been totally successful. She was the change that we needed. She has never proselyted before so we are getting to show her the ropes. It is a delight because she wants to learn and open her mouth. I have never met such an anxiously engaged missionary. 

We have been blessed to meet with some pretty awesome people and we have just had a lot of fun talking with everyone that we see. Sister Carter is like shocked at the things we see out here. Drugs and booze and all that fun stuff. She had no idea that we have to really deal with stuff like that.
It was sad because one night we were visiting M and her grandson N. N had a breakdown because his home life is so bad. He felt that no one loved him and wondered why God isn't answering his prayers for his family to be better. Sister Carter just broke down. I guess one thing that she didn't expect was the real world problems that we have to help people with everyday. She never thought things were as bad as they are. We also happen to be working with a pretty messed up family.

We did have interviews with President this week in Wharton. They were good! Our time was short but President is so good about helping us improve our studies and discipleship. He committed all of us to do the 20 20 20 rule for our personal study. 20 minutes in the BoM. 20 in PMG and then 20 minutes wherever else you feel you need them. It is a nice structure and is helping me finish the BoM again before I go home. 

We are also still working at Sister M's house and we should have one more week worth of stuff to do! We have been throwing trailer loads full of stuff. De-cluttering your home every so often is key. I think there are some advantages to moving a lot...you throw things away more frequently. It has been fun, though, as we have come across pictures or other fun memories. 

Tonight we are heading up to Sugar Land to stay the night with some members because we are going to the temple  tomorrow   morning for the  6 am  session. Let's hope that tonight doesn't turn into a repeat of the last temple trip. For those of you who need a refresher--Houston flooded. 
I am very excited to do a session  tomorrow  and I even have a family name to do. What could be better?!

Thanks for all the pictures and updates. I get so excited for Christmas every time I see little Nolan. I never see pictures of Kyle so I guess I am kind of excited to meet him, too. Just kidding. I am so excited to meet you, too, Kyle ;) 
Hope y'all have a good week! I love you! 

Love Always! 
 Sister Greaves
Our lesson with the T family. We talked about putting on the whole armor of God. Their little ones had a lot of fun with that.
Sister Davis does not like clowns. One of our members happens to have one for her baby so we decided that Sister Davis needed a hug. She may or may not find him in her bed when she wakes up one morning.
<![CDATA[Hey I know him!]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 14:40:05 GMThttp://kalletakeshouston.weebly.com/blog/hey-i-know-him
​That is how I felt as we sustained President Ashton yesterday. So neat to have that experience. He  is a well qualified man and I am grateful he is being blessed with this opportunity to serve.  It was also neat to sustain 3 new Apostles. It is weird to think the quorum I have known most of my life is starting to make some changes. It broke my heart to see President Monson with so little strength yesterday. I was glad to see him rise to sing with the congregation, though. 

I loved Conference so much, specifically the first session. But I was able to feel a piece of personal guidance in all that was shared. It is hard for me to express all I learned in words but I know I felt the Spirit abundantly the whole weekend. I was grateful for President Uchtdorf's advice to simplify and the words we heard about refining ourselves a little more each day. I know that the power of Christ's Atonement is real. I have felt it in my life and I have seen in work in the lives of others. I hope I can use these last few months of my service well and share that love and power with many. As I review my notes I will try to share more of the things I learned. I wanted to give it a few days to sink in before I dive in for more. 

This week was good. We had Zone meeting in Bay City. Since our zone is so spread out we have our activities on the same day. We played scatterball. I have been dying to play that since I left the Galveston Zone back last November. Those activities are really good for becoming unified as a zone. We see each other so rarely that it has been harder to get to know everyone. I am used to seeing my whole zone at least once or twice a week because we all served in the same building. Here we are all over the place. Port Lavaca. Wharton. Yoakum. Bay City. Safe to say our zone takes up most of the west side of the mission. 

We helped Sister M at her home this week. She is the one that got in the accident. She decided that it is time to go move near her son in Austin so we are helping her pack up and get ready to go. It is a little hard to do one handed. 

We got to go out to Nursery this week because a member up there invited us up for dinner. It was good because we also had a referral out there we needed to contact. Most everything up there is ranches. So we pulled over a took a selfie with the cows. Finally. I have been in Texas for 16 months and I am just getting my cow picture. It was pretty out there too. I wish we could spend more time out there but there just isn't a reason or miles. 

Other than that it was just a week of random contacts and lessons. The highlight was conference! The whole week was leading up to that. We tried to get a number of people there with no success. People. I love them, but they drive me a little crazy sometimes. 

Enjoy the pictures. Sorry the email is kind of short. 
I love y'all! 

Sister Greaves 

​Our adventures in Nursery!
<![CDATA[16 MONTHS!]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 23:25:42 GMThttp://kalletakeshouston.weebly.com/blog/16-months​Hey y'all! 
So this week went by so fast. And I feel like all that was awesome that happened had nothing to do with missionary work. Probably because we taught like 10 lessons this week. I know it is about quality not quantity but it always feels good when you are teaching a lot. 

We did do some cool service this week. In Texas they have county gardens that are put together by Master Gardeners. Victoria is famous for hers. One on the members of our ward is a Master Gardener and we got to go out and help her! We spent a couple hours weeding and tilling and such. It was so much fun. The garden is beautiful and has all these little parts to it. Google it. I am sure you can find it, just put "a butterfly haven" in. The land they were given is behind the old  Air Force base and part of their land is the old Captains Hall. The original bar is still inside. 

One not so fun day was Wednesday. We were supposed to go do service with a member but she never showed up. We get a call about 2 hours later saying she was in an accident and was at Citizens. Luckily the hospital is basically our front yard so we went to go help her out. She broke her left arm (she is left handed)  and was pretty bruised up. We felt bad because she was like a block from our apartment when she got hit. We took her home and helped her get dressed and made dinner. She is now staying with another member for a while. She is pretty old and just needs some extra help. 

I went to Rosenberg on exchanges this week! You will all be so proud. I ate sushi! It was the best I have ever had, too. Well, not that I have had tons of sushi in my day, but it was great. After sushi we went to Jewish temple with an investigator. She came to church so they promised her they would go with her. If you ever go, be careful. The wine is really wine. haha She warned us before the service started. We took the water. It is always interesting to go to another denomination. This was especially different seeing that we have totally different beliefs. Most of it was in Hebrew anyway so I am not sure what was going on. I was grateful to go to a service because I spent so much time serving the Jewish people after the flood and now I know a little bit more about them. I was with Sister Lenhart who is the same age in the mission as Sister Davis. She is so cute, too, and a rock star missionary. 

We are working with a less active couple right now and they break my heart. They just want to understand the doctrine and be followers of Christ but they are so  confused. They get angry very easily because they don't really understand the Laws of Justice and Mercy. We try to explain but whenever they hear they are cut off they just get upset and wonder why God would do that to us. I hope they will listen to General Conference and find some comfort there. They came to church yesterday which was awesome. I just want to help them but I know I can only do and say so much. 

We got a call from a member yesterday asking if we could come by. Turns out she has been hearing a lot of anti at work and it is taking her for a loop. She told us she doesn't know why but she is doubting if this church really is true . It was heartbreaking to see her just cry as she talked to us. We were able to read in the Book of Mormon and talk just for a bit. I am excited for her to see Conference as well. It is coming at a really good time for a lot of people. 

I loved Women's Conference and I am glad there is more to come. I hope y'all enjoyed it as well :)
I love you! 

Sister Greaves 

P.S.  Here is your weekly "out in the middle of nowhere" picture .  Plus the Colorado river! 
<![CDATA[Out to the boonies we go!]]>Mon, 21 Sep 2015 20:33:13 GMThttp://kalletakeshouston.weebly.com/blog/out-to-the-boonies-we-go
This week was good. I don't think much happened but my head is still spinning from trying to get to know the area. We had a trip to Sugar Land on Tuesday   for Greenie training and then we found out we have to go back for interviews on the 30th. With it being a 200 mile round trip we basically lost all our miles due to that. So we are BIKING! We are trying to figure out how to be productive on them since we can't go super far on the bikes. It is an adventure for sure. But thankfully it isn't too hot anymore so we are having some pretty nice rides. I forgot what is like to spend so much time on that thing. 

We biked to church yesterday. K has a bike too so she road with us. It was a ton of fun. It is only like a 10 minute ride to the church from her house and most of it is sidewalk so it was super easy. She wants to do it again next week. 

Something else exciting was we met a man from Denmark! He was born on the island Bornholm...I think that is it. An island off of Copenhagen. His name is J.S.. He had a more Danish last name but I couldn't tell you what it was. He goes by J. He was a crack up. It made me wish that I knew Danish. Thanks Dad. I am just kidding. I have no idea how we would have ever picked that up. 

On the way home from Sugar Land we took the opportunity to stop in Edna and try some people on the ward list. We kept running into wrong addresses or empty lots. Then we came to a house. When the wife answered the door it was that awesome rush of the Spirit and you just know that they are active members. It was the best. We didn't think anyone was active out there. Turns out they were on assignment to the Port Lavaca Branch and just came back to Victoria ward. They were so happy to see the Sisters! We had a good visit with them.  

We were blessed with some chances to serve this weekend. In the morning we did some yard work for an older lady in the ward. She lives on the outskirts of town. Then we got to go out to Dacosta 
to help someone pack up and move. They were living in a home built around 1910 and it sits on about 4.5 acres of land. It was so beautiful. The home is basically in original condition and they were working to restore it but work called them back to Austin. The pictures of the wide open land is the road connecting them to Bloomington. We ate at a taco truck there and got the best tortas I have ever had. I don't get how these people can still live out there in the middle of nowhere. 

One day this week we went to go and visit M but she wasn't home. As we turned to leave this car began to follow us. It was an older couple. I could tell that she was looking at something on or in our car. So we continued driving until we got to a members home. The woman got out of the car so I asked what we could do to help her. In a tone she said "Someone left a note on our car saying that a car with your license plate backed into ours and left the scene." She then proceeded to grill us about where we were and blah blah blah. I explained to her that we were inside during that time having a lesson. Plus we are required to back each other out. Plus we wouldn't just flee the scene. She calmed down after a bit and we got to talking. So random. We are just upset that someone would frame us like that. People these days. 

We are trying to find people to teach and learn our way around here. It is going well. We are meeting new people are hopefully some good things will start to come. 

Glad to hear the surgery was a success. Don't worry Dad, in 2 months time we can hang out together all day :) I don't know what you can do until then but I know you will find something. Sitting around all day must be hard. I don't even know what that would be like now. Say hi to the pup for me! I miss her like crazy when I see other people's dogs. 

I love you :) 

Sister Greaves